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Jason Outten - Sunday, November 03, 2019
So about the no toner used blonde post.... the “blonde montage” .... scroll back for a peek

Lets put that in perspective

Those blonde clients get their hair done regularly, some 5 weekly.
They don’t put “quick colour” on at home.
They only get their hair coloured by us

So we’re not having to correct massive regrowths.
We’re not having to cover up or fix incompatible or incorrect colour tones.
There is no starting from scratch due to someone else’s colour application

So there goes a lot of reasons why we’re not using or needing a toner

But blondes are still maintenance. Both via regular appointments and care at home. What you use on a blonde will show quicker than most tones.
They use recommended products at home. Yes what you shampoo and style your hair with WILL effect your tone when its this blonde

Client in pic is a full head foils. No toner. But averages 8 weekly visits. Alternates between 1/2 head, 3/4 head and full head foils .... and Olaplex of course ... & that Baco
+ Sense Lightener

So yes if you wanted this and was no where near this lightness, had not been to a hairdresser for months, old colour build up. Yes a lot more work and toners.
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