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AMAZING Smoothing

Jason Outten - Monday, November 11, 2019
Another AMAZING Smoothing result

Why do we have so many clients seeing us for keratin smoothing ?

Most make the mistake that keratin smoothing is the same everywhere. Oh dear

Lets get one thing straight (excuse the pun) ... They’re are NOT .... No where near.

The most common scenarios we encounter are as follows.
1. “It does not work on my hair”
2. “It only lasts a month or two”
3. “It works fine on my hair”

In response
1. It does. You just had it done incorrectly and/or poor quality product
2. It will last longer. You just had it done incorrectly and/or poor quality product
3. Compared to having nothing before. Or compared to a poor application. We have clients that have said this but got curious because their friends come to us or reading reviews etc. Then we do it and the response is AMAZING “never thought it could be this good” (check our reviews)

...But...There is good news. If you have had somewhere and its not great, we can fix that

Our priority and focus is results + longevity. Everything else is a response to that.

- We book out a dedicated qualified stylist for YOUR entire service (approx 3 hours)
- Heat seal and stretch is important and it takes a LOT longer to do than a regular blow dry and iron.
- Adequate product is required and we don’t skimp on it.
- Application technique is critical to longevity and results.

We achieve up to 80% reduction in volume, frizz + curl lasting up to 5 months. Sometimes even better

We do receive a lot of quote requests every day. Which is no problem. You can either pop into salon or email two pictures. One from side + one from rear showing hair in full length. Email on our contact page HERE

But due to high quote request if you are only shopping for the cheapest price, we’re probably not for you.
We cannot deliver our standard and results based on a cheap price. Quotes will be $400+

#Keratin #HairSmoothing #SmoothHair


Jason Outten - Sunday, November 03, 2019
So about the no toner used blonde post.... the “blonde montage” .... scroll back for a peek

Lets put that in perspective

Those blonde clients get their hair done regularly, some 5 weekly.
They don’t put “quick colour” on at home.
They only get their hair coloured by us

So we’re not having to correct massive regrowths.
We’re not having to cover up or fix incompatible or incorrect colour tones.
There is no starting from scratch due to someone else’s colour application

So there goes a lot of reasons why we’re not using or needing a toner

But blondes are still maintenance. Both via regular appointments and care at home. What you use on a blonde will show quicker than most tones.
They use recommended products at home. Yes what you shampoo and style your hair with WILL effect your tone when its this blonde

Client in pic is a full head foils. No toner. But averages 8 weekly visits. Alternates between 1/2 head, 3/4 head and full head foils .... and Olaplex of course ... & that Baco
+ Sense Lightener

So yes if you wanted this and was no where near this lightness, had not been to a hairdresser for months, old colour build up. Yes a lot more work and toners.

Want lighter

Jason Outten - Sunday, November 03, 2019
Want lighter ?
Already have darker colour on ?

You can’t just put a lighter colour on. You have to remove the original darker colour first
Even if you only want one shade lighter

A lot of enquires for this type of colour change believe we can just put a lighter brown over and hey presto .... sorry there’s a little more work than that.

Here we have.
Before After colour removal Final colour + finish

This service requires a pre consultation prior to booking as without we cannot determine what is required, how long and we’re sure you’ll want to know what to expect and cost..... everyone's hair is different. Too many times we receive the call to “fix my colour” but person does not or has not got the time to come in for a consult prior.
That's half the reason they’re usually in their current situation. No time and last minute ... Unfortunately if you do not have the time to allow us to do correctly we’re just not
the salon for you.

Here we know the hair and it is just one of our clients journeys for their hair.

So what happened ? We we had been colouring regular for a while and dark, as in left picture. Desired result was just not as dark so a shade or two lighter.
We applied one lightener process with Olaplex (we only strip colour with Olaplex in) this took result to what you see in middle picture. From there it was light enough
to colour over the top with desired result showing on right.

A large amount of the general public think you can just put the lighter colour on and you will achieve the lighter result. As a general rule, no. Colour does not lift colour ;)
You have to remove the initial colour ( or some of depending on desired result) first. This process, about 3.4-4 hours. It takes time, especially if you want all your hair left afterwards :)

anti toner

Jason Outten - Sunday, October 27, 2019
Lets just start with we’re not anti toners...

We’re just realistic about them, and unlike some colourists we use toners as they were intended.
Which is NOT just because you’re blond.

It requires a bit more thinking before you start. It requires great technique, especially when you cannot rely on a toner to cover everything
But this approach can mean a lot for our clients. Like the ones in this picture.

Every single picture is of a different clients hair. Every single blonde shown has not and does not have or use a toner to achieve or maintain
Colour looks and lasts longer between visits. Hair integrity is maintained. As like it or not a toner IS a colour.

We could of put together a montage of our clients where a toner has been used.
But we want to show you what IS possible and toners are not the norm. Unless your colourist does not know how to do without

#Blonde #HighLights #HairdresserPerth

... we’re not saying we’re “blonde experts”... we’re just good at it.

What are YOU paying for

Jason Outten - Sunday, October 13, 2019
What are YOU paying for ?

You can teach a plumber to weld a pipe
You can teach an electrician to splice a wire

But you cannot teach a hairdresser to be an artist.....
and to sculpt your hair into the desired, shape, colour and look it needs to be.

Every single persons hair is different. You can teach technique.
You can share knowledge. But it all has to come together for each and every client at that one appointment spot each month.

A hairdresser needs to feel their work, visualise the outcome and utilise their knowledge to allow your creation to happen.
Hairdressers are artists and our medium is hair.

You’re not paying for the hour.
You’re paying for the experience and what is created within that hour.

The Keratin Myth

Jason Outten - Sunday, September 29, 2019
The $199 Keratin MYTH

A question we sometimes ask.
Are you looking for the BEST price ? Or are you looking for the BEST results ?

What are you actually paying for ? What do YOU want to pay for ?

Correct procedure is 3 hours average. Professionally trained experienced stylist. Booked only with YOU. This ensures focus and best results. Attention to detail. That's our standard.

Lets explain....

So the $199 Myth
Less gst $18.09
Less product $100 (best quality)
Less labor = $110 (specialist. Very experienced)
Bal = ($19.09)

Getting the picture ? We haven’t even taken into account the cost to keep the doors open yet 🤦🏻

You’ll feel a difference, but nothing like our results. Its not APPLES with APPLES.... All keratin's are NOT the same.

So what if we use cheap poor quality products. Trainee labor and try and rush the service through in two hours ? Taking into account business running costs. The salon would be losing money.  .... and YOU would not be getting the best, longest lasting results possible.

We aim for quality long lasting results and repeat happy clients. We are the No1 Straightening + Smoothing salon in Perth. We literally do them every single day. We are the EXPERTS

In reality a $199 Keratin is a price, not a service, or a result. If you’re chasing that $199 Keratin thats fine. We’re not everyone's cup of tea and we’re ok with that.

If YOU want results. If YOU want service + the BEST possible outcome. Then that's us

The bitterness of poor results lasts a lot longer than the sweetness of a cheap price.


Jason Outten - Sunday, September 22, 2019
Apples with Apples

How would you respond if we were to say a BMW is the same as a Hyundai ? There both cars ? Whats the difference ?

Everyone knows there is a lot of difference because the majority of people are educated with that knowledge.

But if we were to say a 1/2 head of foils is the same as a 1/2 head foils the majority of people are not educated with
that knowledge and would assume “yes”.... but its actually NO...

Recently at an interview for a new senior stylist an applicant made comment re not liking their current situation as only
has 30 minutes to put a 1/2 head of foils in. That's because that is that salons idea of a 1/2 head foils. NOT every salons idea.

Most people when ringing around salons for a service are not comparing apples with apples. They are just comparing prices.
Which is generally apples with oranges.

Technique, product, experience and service are NOT the same in every salon.

As a salon you either set a price and build your services around that OR set a service and standard and build your price around that.

Our clients come to us for results.

The picture below is just a simple comparison of a single foil placement. The results will be completely different. But both “foils”.

Just the one on the left will give a lot better result. 🤗

Pic credit @josievilay (Instagram)

#HairdresserPerth #NorthPerth #PerthSalon

Breast Cancer

Jason Outten - Monday, September 16, 2019
Breast Cancer Hero's

You can take your balayage, your big colour corrections, your staged insta model pics and do as you will.

But THIS is hairdressing. This is more rewarding than anything else in hair.

After battling Breast Cancer and fighting back. To finally see your hair grow back and get your first real colour and cut. It is such a milestone in the treatment process.

Its an absolute pleasure for Caroline to look after this amazing lady from way before diagnosis. To removing the hair as chemo started to shaping + styling the wigs. To today when the hair is back..... and we are ready for our 1st colour + haircut

As Caroline is a Breast Cancer surviving hairdresser THIS is hairdressing

#mammogramnotinstagram #HairdresserPerth #BreastCancerAwareness


Jason Outten - Sunday, September 08, 2019

Balayage.... Wanting to go lighter?
We're kinda happy with this one :)... and No there is no extensiosn used. Before + After ALL own hair

But lets talk Balayage > Lets get real

How long does it take ?
How longs the hair ?
How thicks the hair ?
Whats the last 5 year colour history ?
Have you had that “technique” done recently?
If you have are you needing the lighter tones lifted ? Because that requires breaking through the darker colour coming down.
Is your root colour natural or previously darker colour into light ?
Do you have colour on now ?
How many times have you had colour ?
What type of colour ?
What type of end result do you want as balayage is a technique ?

etc etc etc .....

How much does it cost ?
Refer to above questions...

Last week we did one that took 4 hours to do.
Today we did one that was 5 hours
This week we have another one that first session was 5 hours. Next session 5-6 hours and then we will assess where we are at then.
Some 2 hours.

It is not a one size fits all. It could only take an hour or two ? Actually when you see salons posting “Balayage $149”. Thats a little hand painted lightener brushed through to the ends. On virgin hair. A “balayage” technique most would not achieve THEIR results with.
Try getting that with dark brown hair and wanting a creamy baby light blonde flowing from your part.

Most Balayage results these days require corrective colour work during or prior the service. Either because of dark hair or worse dark colour. Most balayage applications are a progressive approach towards a goal that could take time.

If you would like a Balayage appointment with us we’d love to see you.....BUT only once we have had a physical pre consultation prior. Once that is done we are more than happy to look at booking a suitable time frame.  YOU will know what to expect both in results and cost, and we will have the right amount of time and technician to deliver that for YOU


Jason Outten - Monday, September 02, 2019
The RED HAIR Journey

The above from top left was a little under 18 month journey

A little while ago we wrote a post about last minute calls for amazing hair that takes time.
About how people call same day for what requires a 4-5 hr or longer time frame.

The initial start (not caused by us) Another salons attempt
at taking platinum blonde

Calling for amazing hair that took planning and that much time,
but then wanting to be rushed or squeezed in. We don’t rush and
we do not squeeze. We either have the correct time or we don’t.

Initially to Brunette then finally to BLACK once got used to darker

We are aware there is a growing trend for some salons to just take every possible
booking and then try and work it out later. Generally they are heavily geared with
apprentices doing the work and senior stylists stretched between 3-4 clients at the same time.

We’re a little more professional than that and respect our clients time and investment.
So we invest back.

Then the first RED experience

Here we have a journey one of our clients went through, and is still on.
We’re waiting for the next episode.

But it did not initially start with us. The first blonde picture was another salon taking Bianca blonde.
Platinum blonde  .... or so they thought. They just lightened and lightened until the hair snapped off.

Every angle looks amazing.

So in we stepped. Very limited in what we could do but we had to start somewhere.
But check out where we are now in less than 18 months.

Initially we went brown. If you have a lot of damage darker is a good place to start.
... We focused on conditioning and have used La Biosthetique PCC at every stage
(5 x Stronger than any other Plex)

Later we decided blacks better and kept it there until the condition and length had
come back a bit. Then red .... deep to start as going too light requires more
work and we needed to keep an eye on integrity. Now after last appointment.
We could push brighter.

This weeks finale

This is what happens when you plan and trust your stylist and their advice.
Its not a last minute squeeze in appointment. You won’t wake up one morning,
pick the phone up and get these results.

We achieved the BRIGHTER RED

You can’t see this and think “i’ll get that today” Trust the process and maybe not
same day but soon ....ENJOY :)

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